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Software licence agreement

This Software is copyright © 1995-2020 Axicon Auto ID Limited



Use of the Software is subject to the Axicon Software Licence terms set forth below. Using the Software indicates your acceptance of these licence terms. If you do not accept these licence terms and you have already purchased an Axicon product then you may return the entire unused product for a full refund.






  •  Axicon grants you a licence to use any number of copies of the Software, but only for use in conjunction with the Axicon hard ware product that accompanied the Software.
  •  “Use” means storing, loading, installing, executing or displaying the Software.
  •  You may not modify the Software or disable any licensing or control features of the Software.




  •  The Software is owned and copyrighted by Axicon Auto ID Limited. Your licence confers no title or ownership in the Software and is not a sale of rights in the Software.




  •  You may only make copies of the Software for archival purposes or when copying is an essential step in the authorised use of the Software.
  •  You must reproduce all copyright notices in the original Software on all copies.
  •  You may not copy the Software onto a bulletin board or similar publicly accessible system.




  •  You may not disassemble or decompile the Software.




  •  Your licence will automatically terminate upon any transfer of the Software. Upon transfer, you must deliver the Software, including any copies and related documentation, to the transferee.
  •  The transferee must accept these Licence Terms as a condition of the transfer.




  •  Axicon may terminate your licence upon notice for failure to comply with any of these Licence Terms.
  •  Upon termination, you must immediately destroy the Software, together with all copies, adaptations and merged portions in any form.




  •  You may not export or re-export the Software in contravention of any applicable laws or regulations


This agreement should be construed as being applicable under the laws of England.




In the following the expression “Verifier” means the verifier hardware and the associated software. We have taken care to ensure that this Verifier is free from defects. However since we have no control over the circumstances in which you might use the Verifier you must satisfy yourself that the performance of the Verifier is suitable for your needs. Neither Axicon Auto ID Limited nor the vendor of this Verifier can accept any liability for any loss or damage (consequential or otherwise) which may be caused by use of this Verifier. If the Verifier or any part of it is defective in any way, or in some other way does not meet your expectations, the liability of Axicon Auto ID Limited is limited to the cost of the product. You should bear this limitation in mind if you use this Verifier in any situations where the acceptance or rejection of shipments of goods or your reputation may depend upon the quality of a barcode.


Under no circumstances is this Verifier licensed or authorised for use in any situation whatsoever where the health or safety of humans or animals might be put at risk.

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